What to Expect During Spine Surgery

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Our esteemed neurosurgeon wishes to discuss and inform patients about what to expect during spine surgery.

Spinal Surgery Expectations

If you suffer from chronic pain issues in your neck or back and non-invasive treatment approaches have not helped your pain, perhaps it is time to consider surgical intervention to relieve your pain through the efforts of the Greater Orlando Neurosurgery & Spine in Orlando, FL.

Spinal surgery has many benefits, and you should have the following expectations with spinal surgery. 

  • Eliminates chronic neck/back pain
  • Eliminates limb pain/weakness
  • Improves mobility
  • Reduces prescription medications
  • Increases mood/fitness/quality of life
  • Ability to return to work
  • Improves physical abilities
  • Improves sense of well-being

At your consultation for spinal surgery, our doctor does a personal evaluation of your symptoms. He may order imaging studies of your spine and limbs before determining if spinal surgery is right for you. All the benefits of surgical intervention must be in your favor. 

Most surgical procedures are scheduled in our surgical suite, not in a hospital setting if an outpatient setting is appropriate.

If you suffer from the following, you may be a great candidate for surgery. There are various conditions in which spinal surgery is the best option for you. Two common examples are,

  • Herniated Disc
    This surgical procedure requires removal of extruded intervertebral disc material causing pressure on the exiting nerve roots.
  • Spinal Stenosis
    This surgical procedure requires a laminectomy or removal of bone, causing pressure on the spinal cord. 
  • Cervical Fusion
    This surgical procedure removes the herniated disc material. Our surgeon fuses the vertebrae close to the disc to prevent painful motion.

It does take time to heal from spinal surgery, so expect the following after any spinal surgery.

  • Expect temporary pain from the surgical site that we can help control with short-term pain medication.
  • Expect to go home the same day. However, depending on the procedure, you may require a few days of recovery in the hospital.
  • You may need to have some physical therapy to enhance recovery.
  • Healing times depend on your surgery. It may take a few weeks to a few months before you can return to a more excellent quality of life without the pain. 

When Non-invasive Treatments Fail, Call Us for a Spinal Surgery Consultation

Please call Orlando's leading neurosurgeon, Dr. Medary, for a spinal surgery consult at the Greater Orlando Neurosurgery & Spine Center at (407) 355-0575 in Orlando, FL. We have two office locations to service your health needs.

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