• "I’m a little late writing my review, as I normally don’t leave reviews. I suffered kyphosis without knowing for many years that stemmed from a car wreck. I had herniated my disc and was seeking a neurologist to do my surgery. I met with three before making my decision to go with Max. He is very straightforward and doesn’t waste his time, or mine. Also very practical. I had a two-tier fusion done with him, at the age of 27. I’m a year out and have had no issues with my surgery. My pain stemmed down my shoulder and I was losing grip in my left arm. I remember waking up from surgery and feeling instant relief from my pain. And my scar is not even noticeable, that is the biggest plus I could have asked for. Thank you Dr. Medary I appreciate what you have done for me more than you know!"
    Kimberly D.
  • "Dr. Medary is an excellent surgeon and a very caring professional. He educated me on my condition both before and after surgery. During surgery my family members were notified after every step of the operation-making them feel more comfortable and less stressed while waiting for the surgery to be completed. My surgery was successful because of the skill of Dr. Medary. His office staff was wonderful as well. They answered all my insurance and scheduling questions. I would recommend Dr. Medary to anyone with a serious neurosurgical condition."
    Julie G.
  • "Dr. Medary is a good dude, period. I had crippling back pain for many years. Turns out my vertebrae was snapped. He fixed it with surgery, which I was trepidations about. He was available in the aftermath of the procedure and now 4 months later, I couldn’t sing his praises any louder. Great job Doc."
    Ben H.
  • "I was a patient at greater Orlando Neurosurgeon & Spine, the Dr. Is one of the bests, I truly recommend him 100%, excellent services, and staff support, I'm truly satisfied with my results."
    Carmen A.
  • "Great doctor! Dr. Medary has a great personality. I love that he is very blunt about prognosis and ways to solve the problem. It was refreshing to see doctor who truly understood my RA and the pain I was feeling. He answered all of my questions. I could tell he genuinely cared about my situation and getting me pain-free. His staff are polite and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone with back issues."
    Melinda W.
  • "Doc gave me my life back it’s been a long road I thought my leg and back pain was a forever thing but thanks to Doc the future looks bright!!"
    Catch C.
  • "Amazing experience! Dr. Medary was to the point, I was scheduled for a consult within a week of calling. Set up surgery the day of consult and was scheduled for surgery within 2 weeks from consult date.
    Surgery went smooth, recovery went smooth. He saved my life! I was is severe pain for over 18 months trying everything else to heal my herniated disc. All of which failed! He was recommended to me by a friend with similar back pain who had surgery completed by Dr. Medary and I am forever grateful. Completely out of pain following surgery. Thank you Dr. Medary!!!!!"
    Cristina I.
  • "Under Dr. Medary’s care I have been relieved of back pain I suffered from for ten years!! Dr. Medary took on my challenging case with precision, professionalism, and expert knowledge that made me feel confident going into the surgery that I had put off for many years. His office staff helped me to feel very prepared before my procedure, throughout the process and followed up with me often after my surgery was completed. I highly recommend seeing Dr.Medary and I am so thankful for the amazing positive change his medical care has made in my daily life. I am back to exercising and playing tennis, two things I love doing and suffered in pain from for many years!"
    Mercedes C.
  • "Excellent care from Doctor Madary and staff. The staff are helpful, courteous and professional. Dr. Madery addressed my husband's problem with clear explanations and treatment. He answered all of our questions directly without sugar-coating it. He didn't pump us for return visits. Highly recommend!!!!"
    Kat C.
  • "Dr. Medary explained the surgery and it went as planned. I was nervous about spine surgery but the recovery was very easy. I had a sore throat for about a week and my throat was swollen for about the same time. The swelling came down and I have a small scar in the crease of my neck which I think should fade and be unnoticed. Dr. Medary is a direct person and I found his demeanor to be honest and to the point. Everything he said would happen, happened. I would highly recommend his skill set. I have an appointment for my follow-up x-ray in October."
    Scott W.

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