Brain Tumor Treatment With Neurosurgery

Greater Orlando Neurosurgery & Spine with Dr. Max Medary can provide a variety of neurological treatments to help you stay healthy. For example, we can diagnose, track, and treat a brain tumor in Orlando, FL, to help you. This dangerous situation is one that you must take seriously, and our team is here to make this process easier and less emotionally devastating.

Symptoms to Watch

Before you come to us for treatment, it’s important to know for sure if you have one. Track your potential symptoms to ensure that you get the care you need. Here are a few of the most common signs that you have a tumor in the brain and need our help ASAP to stay healthy:

  • Frequent headaches – they’re typically quite severe and might wax and wane in intensity
  • Changes in headaches that include moving to various parts of your head
  • Trouble with balance or even tingling and numbness throughout your extremities
  • Nausea or vomiting that may come with vision changes and extreme confusion 
  • Excessive fatigue that you can’t shake, no matter how often you rest or sleep
  • Confusion and speech problems that might include behavioral or personality changes
  • Seizures that you never had before and which seem to get worse with time

At Greater Orlando Neurosurgery & Spine, Dr. Medary knows that the word “brain tumor” will terrify Orlando, FL residents. That’s why it’s important to understand our diagnosis and treatment method, as we can walk you back from danger and keep you happier and healthier.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If you think you have a tumor in your brain, our team will provide you with various tests to confirm your diagnosis. These include neurological exams and various imaging tests that can quickly figure out your problem. We might have to do a biopsy as well, though that’s usually done when we remove the tumor to gauge its severity and potentially cancerous nature. 

There are a few treatments we can take to help you here. Surgery is the most common because we can remove the tumor completely and test it to make sure it isn’t cancerous. We can assist in comprehensive cancer care with your oncologist when additional treatments, such as radiation or chemotherapy, are appropriate.

Our Team Is Here for Your Cancer Care

At Greater Orlando Neurosurgery & Spine, Dr. Medary can help diagnose a brain tumor in Orlando, FL, and help you find a treatment that makes sense for you. We know this situation is challenging, and we’ll do what we can to make it easier for you. Call our office at (407) 355-0575 to set up an appointment with our team of professionals.

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