Brain Surgery in Orlando, FL

Brain Surgery

There are many conditions that could require surgery on the brain. Generally, these include masses such as benign and malignant tumors, collections of blood or fluid, vascular abnormalities such as cerebral aneurysms or arteriovenous malformations, and treatment of cranial neuropathies such as Meniere’s disease and trigeminal neuralgia. Although these conditions can have varied clinical courses, the size and location of the offending problem usually dictates the surgical approach.  Procedures using minimally invasive surgical techniques have shorter operative times and anesthetic exposure, shorter hospital stay and sooner recovery. Dr. Max Medary has training, expertise and extensive experience using minimally invasive surgical techniques with proven superior performance data in safety, quality and outcomes.  

Skull Base Procedures

  • Transsphenoidal Pituitary Resection
  • Acoustic Neuroma Resection
  • Vestibular Schwannoma Resection
  • Microvascular Decompression
  • Vestibular Nerve Section
  • Cerebellar Pontine Angle Meningioma Resection
  • Foramen Magna Meningioma Resection
  • Craniopharyngioma Resection

Intracranial Procedures

  • Meningioma Resection
  • Primary Brain Tumor Resection
  • Metastatic Brain Tumor Resection
  • Craniotomy for Aneurysm Clipping
  • Chiari Malformation Repair
  • Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt

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